Collins & Co, specialists in Criminal Defence and Traffic Offences. If you need legal representation, email us or call on 0131 661 3210.

Criminal defence

Collins & Co are authorised to offer Criminal Legal Assistance by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and are ready to give you specialist advice relating to your eligibility for Legal Aid, regardless of the nature of the allegations you may be facing.

Situated in Edinburgh, we provide our professional services all over Scotland, in any court, for any offence. Contact us now and our professional, dedicated and experienced solicitors will be happy to help you regarding any criminal offence.

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Agency services

Offering tailored Edinburgh Agency Services to help with the preparation and presentation of the most significant cases at all levels, including the High Court of Justiciary, Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court, Collins & Co can help you make sure all of the procedures and time limitations are observed.

We are happy to instruct any advocate or solicitor advocate of your choosing as well as provide a solicitor to instruct counsel on behalf of our agents should they be unable to attend at court themselves.

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Children’s hearings

Children’s Hearings can often be stressful and distressing for children and/or parent(s) associated with this process for the first time and can seem confusing and challenging.

Collins & Co can help to reduce the anxiety associated with Children’s Hearings by offering advice, support and legal representation for parents, guardians and children involved with all stages of the Children’s Hearing system. We can also assist with the Legal aid process and help assess your eligibility for legal aid.

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Traffic offences

Collins & Co have the skills, practical knowledge and experience to offer you the best advice and representation regardless of the level of traffic offence you are dealing with. We are experienced within the Justice of the Peace and Sheriff Courts and for the most serious road traffic offences at Sheriff and Jury and High Court level.

So if you have received a citation or a notice of planned prosecution for a Road Traffic Offence then phone or email us.

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