You might have questions about our agency services. If they are not answered below, just give us a call on 0131 661 3210.

  • How do I instruct Collins & Co to act as my Agents?

    Simple. Phone us on: 0131 661 3210 or email, or add our details on the relevant form when marking a bail appeal or appeal.

  • What will it cost to instruct Collins & Co Defence Lawyers?

    In legal aid cases, our account is submitted to be placed alongside your legal aid account when the case is over. Normally, all costs, including solicitor advocate fees are covered by legal aid. Where there’s no legal aid cover, we’ll advise on our fee rates.

  • Help! Time is running out and I have an urgent document to lodge at Justiciary Office.

    No problem, with our Edinburgh Agency practice we’re at the Justiciary Office just about every day. Preparing and lodging of documents up to the last minute is all in our day’s work, so rest assured, we’ll get the job done.

  • How do I find out whether one of your solicitor advocates is available to conduct my case?

    One call to our support team is all it takes to check on the availability of our solicitor advocates. You’ll get an instant answer.