The complete correspondent services.

Based in Edinburgh, we offer the complete range of correspondent services for High Court work. Especially to support work in the Appeal Court and UK Supreme Court. Here, in more detail, are the Correspondent Services you can rely on from Collins & Co Defence.

  • Summary Bail Appeals

    Here, there is no separate charge beyond the Solicitor Advocate fee note. This will be submitted by us online to the Legal Aid Board.

  • Solemn Bail Appeals

    This is handled by two separate accounts.

    The first is a block fee of £20 for the preparation of the appeal. This is payable by you, but only if you are in receipt of the bail appeal block fee.

    Secondly, there’s a time and line fee to cover our attendance in court, to submit to SLAB with their account. The solicitor advocate fee will be submitted directly to the board.

  • Other Bail Appeals

    Bail appeals relating to appeals against conviction or sentence, Bills of Suspension, Advocation or Petitions to the Nobile Officium operate on a time and line basis. The time and line fee will be provided for submission with your account. Our solicitor advocate fee note goes directly to the Board.

  • UK Supreme Court

    This is where our day-to-day knowledge and experience at the UK Supreme Court really counts. Especially when the strict rules about time limits and the materials required to be lodged, hard copy or electronic, are taken into account. Even more challenging when dealing with several appeals before the UK Supreme Court and, previously, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

  • Time Limits

    These days, the Appeal Court retains its focus on creating finality and certainty wherever possible. This definitely informs its attitude to time limits and any extensions. Our experience of working to those limits and explaining why an extension might be reasonable will stand your case in good stead.