Experience where it really counts.

Your case will be in good hands, properly overseen and expertly administered by a solicitor advocate or solicitor who has proved that they have what it takes. And care about your case as much as any other.

Creating the right brand of personal services is what we are all about at Collins & Co Defence Lawyers. That means you can pick up the phone to our appeals team at any time to discuss your appeal.

Important facts about us:

  • Simon Collins, with over 10 years experience in preparing and presenting appeals, is one of the most experienced appeal court practitioners in Scotland.
  • Collins and Co solicitors and staff are trained in all aspects of appeal preparation. Our management systems are designed to ensure that all time limits are noted and monitored, taking the stress out of appeal work for our agents.
  • Being based in Edinburgh and attending daily at Justiciary Office, we are well placed to deal with any urgent appeal business that may arise.

Main benefits of instructing us:

  • Reduce pressure of appeal preparation
  • Expert assistance with drafting appeal documents
  • Guarantee that documents are lodged properly and on time
  • Easy access to advice from our experienced team at any stage of appeal
  • Confidence of dealing with an experienced, proven team