Protecting the vulnerable against risk.

Why do Children’s Hearings occur? Well, simply because a child or young person’s welfare and well-being is potentially at risk. This could be for many reasons:

The parents might find it a struggle to meet their child’s needs. This might mean they have been mistreating or failing to care for their kids.

Perhaps, the child or young person has been accused of a crime, or even committed one.

Or, there might be a record of failing to attend school – without any reason. Another trigger can be allegations against parents or children, touching on a variety of issues.

Children’s Hearings legal issues might include:

  • Social Work referral cases
  • Appeals against decisions of Children’s Hearings
  • Social Work complaints
  • Children’s Panels
  • Child Protection Orders
  • Place of Safety Warrants

It is certainly worth remembering that the law surrounding Children’s Hearings is complex. All the more reason for parent(s) or children to get professional advice as soon as possible.

Collins & Co has the experience, expertise and, most importantly, the sensitivity to offer advice, assistance and legal representation for parents and children involved in all stages of the Children’s Hearing system.

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