Good advice and support at every stage.

Of course it’s worrying when the Social Work Department becomes involved with your family. Events have the potential to accelerate alarmingly. Undoubtedly, this is the right moment to call us for professional help. After all, the outcome of any proceedings can have long-lasting effects upon families for many years.

The system might be informal, but the law related to this area is complex. Nothing can be taken for granted. Good legal advice will be invaluable, as early as possible too.

If a case referred to a Children’s Hearing can’t be resolved early on via a negotiated settlement, the Hearing sends the case on to the Sheriff Court. Clearly, this is an even more critical moment to engage a law expert with the skills and knowledge to properly represent the child or parents’ interests.

Collins & Co has the experience, expertise and, most importantly, the sensitivity to offer advice, assistance and legal representation for parents and children involved in all stages of the Children’s Hearing system and any appeals that arise from the hearing.

In addition to the hearing system itself, Collins and Co also offers representation in connection with permanence and adoption hearings in the Sheriff Court.

We can also help you assess your eligibility for legal aid and make any application.

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