You can call on Collins & Co Defence Lawyers for any offence, no matter how serious. You’ll find we are well-equipped to handle your case with experience where it counts.

  • Road Traffic Offences

    Is your driving licence threatened by careless or dangerous driving, speeding, drink driving and any other Road Traffic Offences? Well, we can defend it with a specialist Road Traffic defence service that knows exactly how to represent your interests, and protect that vital licence, of course.

  • Bail Offences

    Facing an accusation of breaching the conditions of your bail order? Or perhaps you want to review the conditions of your bail? Well, we have the team to help. And they have plenty of experience in the Justice of the Peace and Sheriff Courts, as well as the Bail Appeal Court in the High Court of Justiciary.

  • Breach of the Peace

    We have plenty of experience in preparing and presenting defences for Breach of the Peace. And that remains the same whether you’re facing a common law charge of Breach of the Peace, or the new statutory Breach of the Peace offence under section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.

    Either way, rest assured, you’ll be well represented.

  • Assault and Vandalism

    If you’re accused of assault, it might range from something relatively minor with no injury, right up to the aggravated offences of assault. This might be severe injury, assault to permanent disfigurement or impairment, and assault to danger of life.

    This means you might appear either in front of the Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Sheriff and Jury, or High Court. Whatever the seriousness of the charge or the Court, we have the experienced solicitors and a senior solicitor advocate to meet the challenge. Vandalism varies too, from a relatively minor common law offence, up to a prosecution under statute of the Criminal Law Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1995.

    Needless to say, Collins & Co Defence Lawyers are happy to put our experience to work for you in any case.

  • Theft Fraud Robbery

    Theft, fraud and robbery cover a wide range of offences. From the less serious offences such as shoplifting to housebreaking or money laundering. The seriousness of your offence decides which Court you’ll be tried in. From the Justice of the Peace Court to the High Court.

    When fraud’s involved, it might be relatively minor, say taxi fraud or board and lodging fraud. Or it might be defrauding or embezzling large amounts of money. Again, seriousness determines the Court you appear in.

    Since there’s the use of or threat of violence in robbery, this is treated as a serious offence by the courts. Even within robbery, you’ll find offences that are viewed as aggravated (armed robbery), or robbery of a commercial premises.

    Whatever the level of charge you face, Collins & Co Defence Lawyers have the experienced solicitors, and senior solicitor advocates to assist you in your particular situation.

  • Drugs Offences

    Certainly, The Scottish Courts see a high number of drug offences. Seriousness varies greatly, from simple possession, to the supply, production or importation of drugs. It also matters whether it’s a Class A, Class B, or Class C drug. And, of course, the amount involved influences things too.  If it’s possession for personal use, or simple possession, the Sheriff or Justice of the Peace Court comes into play. If the offence you’re facing is couriering, dealing, supplying, importing or cultivating drugs, a High Court prosecution is likely. Minor or more serious, our defence lawyers at Collins & Co can help you face your offence.

  • Firearms

    Did you know that possession of a firearm, even an air gun or air pistol, can result in prosecution? And that breaches of firearms licences can also land you in the courts? Commit certain firearm offences and you can face statutory minimum prison sentences. Certainly, you can’t underestimate the seriousness and importance of such offences. All the more reason to contact a specialist criminal defender in all areas of firearms offences at Collins & Co Defence Lawyers.

  • Internet Crime

    The rise of internet crime is hitting the headlines. And the law has certainly responded, whether it’s the type of material spread and accessed via the internet, or use of social media.

    You should be aware that statutory offences involving the possession and distribution of indecent images are covered by case law. This means there are clear sentencing guidelines, including lengthy prison sentences in certain circumstances.

    Up against an allegation, our best advice is simple. Get representation from a solicitor familiar with and experienced in dealing with sentencing guideline cases. At Collins & Co Defence Lawyers, we have just that.

    Whether it’s cyber bullying, online threats, or other social media offending, you’ll find we have both the tech know-how and legal experience our team will put this experience to work for you to ensure that you have the best representation.

  • Money Laundering

    Money laundering and organised crime is being increasingly targeted by the courts. Offences might include the financing of organised crime and associated money laundering, in addition to aggravations to other offences connected to organised crime. At Collins & Co, you can rely on a team that is well-versed in the ins and outs of financial crime and money laundering – and we will be ready to represent your interests when it’s time for a court appearance.

  • Murder

    Clearly amongst the most serious of crimes, murder remains a plea of the crown, and is prosecuted exclusively in the High Court. At Collins & Co Defence Lawyers, our accredited senior solicitor-advocates are no strangers to murder trials. Whether you’re facing a charge of murder, culpable homicide, or attempted murder, they are ready to call on many years’ experience in murder trials, murder appeals, life sentence punishment part hearings, and life sentence parole hearings. You can rely on us entirely.

  • Rape and other sexual offences

    If you are charged with a sexual offence in Scotland, you have to be properly represented. That includes rape, attempted rape, lewd libidinous and indecent practices, sexual assault, sexual abuse or any other sexual offence. What’s more, the sexual offenders register can give rise to offences, as do sexual offences prevention orders (SOPO). Our lawyers have the experience and know-how to ensure that you are properly represented. Just call us.