At Collins and Co we have a wealth of experience in representing client’s interests in statutory Inquiries, whatever their nature.

We are always aware that families approaching a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of a loved one are in an extremely sensitive and often vulnerable position. Our dedicated staff strive to provide support in a manner that supports our clients through that difficult time. We have been commended by the Court for the compassionate and dedicated assistance we provided to the family of man who died suddenly whilst in prison.

In addition, Simon Collins has been involved in representing the members of INCAS (In Care Abuse Survivors) both in petitioning and lobbying the parliament in their interest, and in representing those members at the ongoing Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

The Inquiry is set up under the terms of the Inquiries Act 2005 and has been hearing evidence since May 2017. The entire legal and support team at Collins and Co have been involved throughout, gaining invaluable experience of working under the Statutory Inquiry framework.

We have well established and proven systems for coping with the vast volumes of documents from such inquiries and respecting the sensitivity and confidentiality of the issues that arise.

We are happy to assist any party, whatever their involvement, in any Statutory Inquiry.