The Scottish Government is now working towards fulfilling its promise to provide a scheme for Survivor Redress. The Redress for Survivors (Historical Child Abuse in Care) (Scotland) Bill is being considered in parliament and Simon Collins has given evidence to the Education and Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament regarding the needs and demands of survivors in that regard.

When the time comes, and the Redress Scheme comes into effect, we are ready to represent survivors in terms of preparing and pursuing an application for redress, evaluating any offer received, and the provision of advice on whether to accept the offer of redress or seek action in the Civil Courts.

To ensure that survivors are presented with appropriate advice from specialists in this field, we will be working in partnership with Allan McDougall Solicitors whose specialist Solicitor-Advocates will be able provide an opinion on how best to proceed in the survivor’s individual circumstances, and who will be prepared to provide representation should that survivor decide to pursue action before the courts.