Any type or vehicle, for whatever use

Truck or van, sports car or people carrier, no matter what kind of vehicle, your vehicle is often key to your life and work.

Of course, you don’t want to give up your mobility, freedom and work. Which makes the argument for specialist assistance in protecting driving licence a compelling one.

New road traffic offences, complex legislation, and vigilant Police services, all can mean licences under threat from accrued penalty points.

You might think that 12 or more points and a potential disqualification is a no-hope situation. However, there is a route to attempt to persuade the Court against disqualification, even with 12 points or more.

No matter what type of vehicle or what type of traffic offence, Collins & Co Defence Lawyers has what it takes to defend you professionally.

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If you aren’t eligible, our fee structures are designed to suit your needs. This can be either an agreed fixed fee, or detailed itemised fees.